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LA Fight Club Media Day

Super lightweight contender and two-time world title challenger Art Hovhannisyan (17-2-3, 9 KOs) who will be fighting in the main event at this Friday's LA FIGHT CLUB hosted a media work out today, along with Former WBC World female Middleweight Champion, Maricela Cornejo (4-2, 2 KOs) and super lightweight prospect, David Mijares (3-0, 2 KOs) ahead of the showdown at the Belasco on October 7th.

Here is what the fighters had to say

ART HOVHANNISYAN, Super lightweight contender and two-time world title challenger:

"I'm very excited to get my name out in the Belasco on October 7th. As a local LA fighter, it feels great to be fighting at LA FIGHT CLUB for the first time. I started my boxing career when I was twelve, and was inspired by my favorite boxer, Mike Tyson. I'm the type of fighter that loves to put on a show in the ring.

"My last fight was at Fantasy Springs in May, and I learned a lot from that fight. My opponent's name for my upcoming fight is Diego Magdaleno, and I have watched him fight a few times. I know what I have to do in the ring to earn the victory."

MARICELA CORNEJO, Former WBC World female Middleweight Champion:

"As a female boxer, one of the challenges I face is that people don't want to see a powerful woman. When I have the chance to spar with other women, it's awesome because I can go all out and not be afraid.

"Over time, I have become a very aggressive fighter in the ring--my trainer says I hit harder than any of the other guys he has worked with."

DAVID MIJARES, Super Lightweight Prospect:

"This is my second fight at the Belasco, and my training regimen has been great. Even though I do eat lots of different foods, I do lots of cardio--which is what has kept me in shape.

"My last fight was August 19th, and I never stop training, I'm always ready to get back in the gym. Before a big fight, there's always a couple of things we try to work on. My goal is to keep doing better and better. I don't know much about my opponent, but I do know he has speed, so I

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