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Danny Roman Japan Media Day

Southern California top rated world title contender Danny Roman (22-2-1, 8 KOs) has wrapped up what has been the most important training camp of his career. Roman arrived in Japan last week for his WBA Super Bantamweight Championship showdown with Shun Kubo (12-0, 9 KOs) set for this Sunday, Sept. 3, from the Shimazu Arena in Kyoto.

Here is what Roman told Japanes media ahead of his world title fight.

How are you approaching this fight, your first attempt at a world title?

"This is what I've been fighting for. I'm not going to let this slip away. I'm bringing home the title to Los Angeles. I'm going to fight my fight. I'm going to break him down round by round. I can't let it go to the judges. The plan is to stop him or make him quit."

Your opponent, Shun Kubo, is a tall southpaw who will have the reach advantage. What else do you know about him?

"He uses his distance and tries to stay on the move, but I won't let him do that. I won't let him fight his fight. He's going to have to adjust to me. He's the champion. He's going to be ready for a real fight. He has certain advantages in that he is tall, but we have a strategy for that."

Any concerns about fighting in a foreign country or the time zone change. Will the 16-hour time difference affect you?

"No, not at all. That's why we came here 10 days ahead of fight night so we could get used to the new time and develop a level of comfort. I'll be fine."

What kind of support have you seen on social media?

"I keep getting new fans and followers on social media (Instagram: @_babyfaceassassin_). It's great to see that support. It motivates me even more. People are starting to learn about me. All of their good luck wishes provides me with additional energy. I've never felt so focused or strong before a fight. I think all of the support that I've received has made a big difference."

How was it like sparring with the likes of Isaac Zarate, Michael Conlan, Junto Nakatani, and Joshua Zuniga?

The sparring was top notch. I went 14 rounds easy and could have done three more on top of that if I had to. I had an excellent sparring partner in Isaac Zarate. He's a southpaw in the featherweight division. Top prospect Michael Conlan came in and gave me a couple of solid sparring sessions as well. Junto Nakatani and Joshua Zuniga also were very important in getting me ready for my first world title shot.

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