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Hollywood Fight Night Postponed

Bash Boxing's Hollywood Fight Night February 8th boxing show at Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City has been rescheduled to the following week on Saturday February 16. The Sportsmen’s Lodge experienced a small kitchen fire on January 15, 2019. Due to the nature of the problem the show had to be postponed to February 16, 2019 at Florentine Gardens in Hollywood.

If you have already purchased tickets to the 2/8 event, please know the following:

1) We will be using the same seating chart for the new date and venue. 2) If you have already purchased tickets to the 2/8 event , your tickets will be honored at the door in the exact same location. 3) If you have ordered tickets online and would like a full refund, please email and a refund will be issued. 4) If you have purchased tickets from a boxer or a member of his team and would like a refund, please contact the individual who you purchased tickets from and your tickets will be refunded.

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