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Golovkin Returns

Former undisputed middleweight champion Gennady “G.G.G.” Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 KOs) of Kazakhstan returns to the ring this Saturday as he takes on undefeated Canadian Steve Rolls (19-0, 10 KOs) of Toronto. Golovkin and Rolls will square off at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden as Golovkin will be making his DAZN debut.

“I’m excited to be back and very happy to be making my DAZN debut," Golovkin told

The Kazakh superstar was offered various deals from other outlets including PBC and Top Rank ESPN.

"This is boxing. It's a Market, its Commerce. ESPN, DAZN, PBC. Every network has it's own interest and competitors. If I stayed with ESPN, everyone else is a competitor and if I stayed with PBC, everyone else is a competitor," Golovkin said. "I chose DAZN because it was the best for me and my career," Golvkin added.

Coming off a close majority decision loss to Mexican superstar Saul "Canelo" Alvarez last September. Golovkin relinquished his titles as he is eager to get back in the ring and work his way back to another world title shot and potential rematch with Canelo.

"It's not a big secret but DAZN wants to see that third fight with Canelo," Golovkin on a potential third fight with Canelo.

Its also no secret that Golovkin wants the third fight with the Mexican superstar as Canelo is coming off a decision win over Daniel Jacobs last month as Golovkin was seated ringside for that fight. Golovkin faced both Canelo and Jacobs. Here is what he had to say.

"Having known both fighters they could've done more. It was a good fight but it wasn't drama. Jab, jab, jab and now your turn. It wasn't a real fight," Golovkin said. "Both of them didn't show what they could show. Not even half of what they can show. They didn't take any risk both were comfortable. I like a real fight,"

There are other potential fights at middleweight including WBO champion Demetrius Andrade.

"If you look at middleweight, for me it's to get that third fight," Golovkin said. "My focus is Steve Rolls," Golovkin added.

His opponent the relatively unknown Canadian Steve Rolls comes into this fight undefeated, winning a unanimous decision over KeAndre Leatherwood.

"I respect Rolls. He is willing to fight me. There were no special conditions. So lets do it," Golovkin on Rolls "He is an undefeated fighter and a professional. I don't need any motivation because one punch can change a fight,"

This will be Golovkin’s first fight under new trainer Jonathan Banks, a former heavyweight and prodigy of the late Hall of Fame Trainer Emmanuel Steward. Last month Golovkin officially announced his partnership with the former heavyweight. as the two held their first camp in Big Bear, California.

""Why Big Bear. It's a private gym and its quiet. I can focus, and I work hard everyday. I feel very comfortable,"

Golovkin had previously been trained by respected veteran trainer Abel Sanchez as the duo worked together from 2012 to 2018. Sanchez guided Golovkin to multiple world titles as the two had a fallout last month parting ways.

"I liked Abel's school but I felt I needed something different. I needed a new coach," Golovkin on Abel Sanchez "He said a lot of things but I don't want to comment on what Abel has said. What I want to say is that he is soaring of what he could of had," Golovkin added.

When asked about the difference, Golovkin responded. "Big difference. This is a question I have been waiting for a long time. Jonathan brings different stuff. He's from Detroit. He brings a lot of boxing, its more different. This is a different team. Right now it's completely different. It's a different system. There is more combinations and boxing. I'm learning again. I feel like a teenager,"

The "Big Drama Show" returns as we expect to see a new and improved Golovkin under new trainer Jonathan Banks.

"I don’t want to show anything. I just want to be comfortable and have a good fight.” Golovkin stated. "Let's fight this fight and then I'll focus on what's next,"

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