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Alex Saucedo Decisions Sonny Fredrickson

Oklahoma's junior welterweight Alex Saucedo (30-1, 19 KOs) won a unanimous decision over Sonny Fredrickson (21-3, 14 KOs) of Ohio, in going the distance ten rounds for the first time in his career, Tuesday night at the "Bubble" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on the ESPN main event.

Things got off to a fast start as Saucedo attacked in the opening round, Fredrickson kept his distance and pumped the jab. Saucedo finished the round strong. Attacking the body in the second, Saucedo was non stop as Fredrickson could not keep him off. Continuing to attack, Saucedo worked away in the third as Fredrickson's jab was not effective but he finished the round connecting off the jab with a right. In the fourth, Fredrickson connected with the uppercut but Saucedo continued his attack, late in the round Fredrickson landed an overhand right to close. Fredrickson connected with the uppercut in the fifth but Saucedo continued to go forward, late in the round Fredrickson landed a series of solid punches.

Halfway through in the sixth, the Oklahoma fighter Saucedo was bleeding from his nose as Fredrickson pumped the jab but Saucedo walked through the jab backing the tall fighter. Continuing to work off the jab in the seventh, Fredrickson followed up with an uppercut but Saucedo kept the pressure. Pumping the jab in the eighth, Fredrickson worked away but the Oklahoma fighter continued to respond with his attack. Late in the ninth round, Saucedo kept coming with the pressure as Fredrickson jabbed away. The tenth and final round, Saucedo finished strong.

In the end the judges scored the bout 100-90, 99-91, and 98-92,

Junior welterweight prospect Josue “The Prodigy” Vargas (17-1, 9 KOs) won a unanimous decision over Mexican veteran Salvador Briceno (17-6, 11 KOs). Vargas was flashy in the early rounds as Briceno stood close connecting on the inside. Staying close in the third, Vargas continued to stand with Briceno on the inside as the Mexican connected with short punches. Coming out boxing in the fifth, Vargas let his hands go as Briceno pressed staying on top. In the fifth, Vargas boxed well as the Mexican continued to get close backing Vargas to the ropes momentarily.

Halfway through in the sixth round, Vargas suffered a cut on his left eye from a clash of heads. Briceno pressed from there on. In round seven, Briceno stalked and snapped Vargas's head with a right but Vargas continued to box away. It was all Vargas as late in the fight he was smooth in route to a decision win.

In the end the judges scored the bout 100-90, 100-90, and 99-91.

Puerto Rico's John “El Terrible” Bauza (14-0, 5 KOs) had his hands full in going the distance against Larry Fryers (11-3, 4 KOs) in an eight-round.junior welterweight bout. The southpaw Bauza boxed patiently in the early rounds as Fryers was all out going forward giving the prospect a workload of pressure.

The Irishman kept the pressure at the halfway point as Bauza was limited in the sixth as the Puerto Rican prospect appeared to be bruised above the left eye. Bauza appeared to be frustrated late in the fight as Fryers continued to go forward attacking and not letting him set up. Keeping his distance in the final round, Bauza boxed as Fryers continued to go forward giving all he can handle.

Detroit's Isiah Jones (9-2, 3 KOs) handed Dante Stubbs (6-1, 4 KOs) of Riverside, California his first defeat in the middleweight opening bout. It was a slow start for Stubbs as Jones was busy letting his hands go in the opening round. Jones kept busy in round two as Stubbs continued to be patient. Stubbs was selective with his punches in the third as Jones worked the jab.

Halfway through, Jones stick the jab in the fourth as Stubbs pressed and was on the receiving end of the jab. Fighting confidently in the fifth, Jones boxed well as Stubbs was not doing much except pressure behind limited punches as Jones worked his way to a majority decision win. Judges scored the bout 59-55, 58-56, and 57-57

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