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Senisia Estrada In Action Friday

East Los Angeles’s WBC Silver Female light flyweight champion Senisia “Super Bad” Estrada (18-0, 5 KO’s) returns to action this Friday as she takes on Miranda Adkins (5-0, 5 Kos) of Kansas at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino Events Center live on DAZN. We caught up Senisia as she talked about how psyched she was to getting back in the ring.

“I am so excited and anxious to returns. I’m excited to be on the first Golden Boy card and being on the Vergil Ortiz card. The whole card, I just can’t wait,” Senisia Estrada told Southern California “I’m happy to be back on the card. When I got the news. I was so excited,” Estrada added.

Originally scheduled to fight March 28 on the Vergil Ortiz vs. Sammy Vargas card at the Forum. Her fight was scratched due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was supposed to fight on the card March 28. I was really, disappointed. First fight of the year at a great venue. Great camp, sparring, everything was going perfect and to get the news,” Estrada said.

For Estrada it was a difficult time during the lockdown as she was affected like many others with limited access to her resources. Such as the gym and workouts as the had to improvise in the meantime.

“Working out at home or at the park. A lot of cardio, sprints, running, shadow boxing. I just wasn’t happy. It wasn’t the same,” Estrada on training during the shutdown. “It was a little frustrating,”

Coming off a spectacular win over her rival 2016 U.S. Olympian Marlen Esparza, Estrada dominated her the entire fight in route to a decision win. In a fight in which her opponent Esparza suffered a cut early in the fight as the went at it inside. With a bloodied Esparza, the East L.A fighter Estrada capitalized dominating in route to the decision win.

“It was a great win. The biggest of my career so far. It was satisfying win especially because of all the trash talk,” Estrada on her victory over Marlen Esparza. “She can give all the excuses she wants about the head but and cut. The ref warned us both but that happens in boxing. It’s part of the sport. It happened to me before. I feel that gave her an excuse and easy way out,” Estrada added.

When asked if she would give Esparza a rematch.

“I am not afraid of her. I would, give her the rematch if she wants it. I fought her at 112, that is not my natural weight class. I was eating at the MGM buffet all week so I can make weight. 112 was the only option and she didn’t want to go lower,” Estrada on a rematch with Esparza. “Now that I have the belt and won the first fight. If she wants a rematch, she can go down to 108 pounds. So, we will see,” Estrada added.

Returning to camp after a brief hiatus, Estrada has prepared with her longtime trainer Dean Campos at a private gym in Bell Gardens.

“It was a relieve to hear I was fighting. To get back in the ring. It’s been so long with this quarantine situation. but I got back on my regular schedule,” Estrada explained. “The gym opened up three weeks ago. So, it was perfect timing for this fight, and I have been training since,” Estrada said as she prepares for Adkins.

Her opponent undefeated in five fights. Shania Adkins has knocked out all five of her opponents. The former kickboxer Adkins is coming off a knockout over Shania Ward.

“I was originally supposed to fight Jackie Calvo, but she ended up hurting her knee. Right now, it’s difficult to find an opponent with the whole situation,” Estrada said. “Miranda Adkins she is 5-0. She was a kickboxer and did MMA,” Estrada on her opponent Adkins.

For the 28, year-old, Estrada, it has been long journey making her pro debut at the age of 18 in 2011, Estrada has made her splash in women’s boxing. When asked about the current state of women’s boxing.

“It’s like Wow! It was really discouraging turning pro at first. Not being signed, working my up and now fighting on TV. I’m really happy that women’s boxing is where it’s at now,” Estrada explained. “I began boxing when I was 8 years old. Women’s boxing was not really talked about and now seeing the changes the past 2-3 years. I always said to myself as a kid. I want to be world champion and be fighting on TV,” Estrada added.

Now she looks to make her third title defense and perhaps look to potential matchups at light flyweight. Already conquering titles at light flyweight and flyweight, Estrada wants to unify all four titles in those divisions then perhaps move up to 112 and conquer another title.

“My goal is to have all four major world titles at 108, 105 and even fighting beating a champ at 112. Taking all over those 3 divisions,” Estrada concluded.

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