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Results from TV Azteca Studios

With aggressive boxing, great technique in his executions and movements, precision in his punching and a fine left-handed guard to which his rival could never accommodate, Hugo "Chacal" Hernandez achieved a high-impact victory, by unanimous decision the world championship contender Daniel "Cejitas" Valladares, in the stellar turn of the live boxing program "Back with Punch" that Zanfer presented this Saturday , in the studios of TV Azteca in CdMx.

Valladares (22-2-1, 13 ko's) started the very aggressive contest, throwing power punches, but when he tried to force the fight in short, he came in with his head in front, crouched down, and caused three heads in the first two rounds that caused the actions to stop.

Hernandez (16-5-1, 6 ko's) found distance and pace, and put his opponent in poor condition repeatedly. When the "Cejitas" sought to enter, he received it with hooks and opers. When he managed to have him in the distance, he repeated combinations and was very precise in hitting the body. Even against the ropes, he was able to connect the best shots.

"Cejitas" had very good times, connected with power, but could not finish. And the "Chacal" was dominating round by round, so that in the end, his victory by unanimous decision would be decreed, with scores of 96-94, 97-93 and 98-92.

The confrontation between the "Chacal" Hernández and the "Cejitas" Valladares has been one of the most contested, full of action and emotions, that have taken place this year.


With a display of offensive boxing, and demonstrating great power and precision in its combinations, the Tijuan Paulette "Heredera" Valenzuela (10-1-0, 4 ko's) achieved her most important victory so far, by beating the Mexican Star "Chacala" Valverde (19-7-2, 3 ko's) by deserved unanimous decision.

Valenzuela put Valverde in poor condition in the first part of the contest, but the physical condition of the "Chacala" and his sporting courage, allowed him to return and have some brilliant moments. The "Heiress" also lowered the intensity in the second half of the war, as a cut she suffered after an accidental headbutt in the fourth round, had her bleeding from her right eyebrow and disturbed her in visibility.

However, the level shown by Paulette Valenzuela, and her volume of punches, allowed her to take an undisputed victory by unanimous decision, with two cards of 79-73, and another 78-74.


Luis "Huesitos" Orozco beat by technical knockout in the fourth round a brave Otoniel "Canelito" Ortiz, in eight-round flyweight combat. Guatemalan Ortiz could not recover from two falls. in the first and third rounds, but sold face-to-face defeat at 1:14th minute of the fourth chapter. His record is 10-5-0, 5 ko's, while the cover record "Bones" Orozco improves to 14-2-1, 10 ko's.

He opened the event Ramsés Pérez, who tied his fifth triumph and remained undefeous in the professional field, beating Miguel Angel Rojas by unanimous decision. Rooster, agreed to four rounds. Ecatepec's native shot Rojas down in the second round to set his record 5-0-0, while Texcocan Rojas leaves his forge at 2-2.

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