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Joselito Velasquez Angel Ayala Headline Box Azteca

Mexican Olympian, Joselito Velázquez, is ready to get in the ring this Saturday, continuing with the series "Back with Punch" that Promociones Zanfer presents in the studios of TV Azteca in CdMx, following all the protocols and measures of prevention and health of the health authorities of the Mexican capital and the World Boxing Council.

And based on these protocols, Joselito Velázquez will have a new rival, because whom he would face this Saturday, Alejandro "Pacquiao" Villaseñor, tested positive in the Covid-19 screening test, however, his new adversary poses a serious danger.

"Hurricane" Velázquez (12-0-0, 9 ko's) will now face dangerous Angel Ayala Lardizábal (10-0-0, 4 ko's) in undefeated duel at 10 rounds by Flyweight.

The capital boxer successfully passed the Covid-19 practiced exams and is more than ready to surprise this Saturday.

Ayala, 20, comes from a 2019 copy, as he won all seven fights he made, including impact victories such as those achieved over Christian González (6-1-0), Luis Javier Cerrito (8-3-1) Hugo 'Chacal' Hernández (15-4-1), the latter recent winner Daniel'Hzejitas' Valladares.

Ayala had more than 200 amateur fights, very similar to the ones Joselito held at that stage, so sparks will come out in the ring on Saturday.

While Joselito Velázquez has not fought since November 2019, when he beat Adrián Curiel in a highly contested contest, Angel Ayala climbed into the ring last February and knocked out Omar Peribán in five rounds.

Ayala will also have the advantage of adaptation to the height, because his entire career has done it in rings of CdMx or the State of Mexico, while Joselito Velázquez has only fought on one occasion in the Mexican capital, and it was three years ago.

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