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Joselito Velasquez Victorious

Boxing, precision in his punching and speed, as well as the frequency of punches, led Joselito Velázquez to achieve a well-worked unanimous decision victory over Brandon Gallardo, in the stellar turn of the live show "Back with Punch" presented by Zanfer at aztec TV studios on CdMx.

Velázquez (13-0-0, 9 ko's) connected more and better, and on several occasions put gallardo "Caballito" (8-2-1, 3 ko's) in poor condition.

At times, the fight was hit, and at least six times it was interrupted by accidental headbutts, and by two by low blows from Velázquez to Gallardo. However, the former Mexican Olympian forced the fight short, and powerily punished his rival's body.

The Gallardo "Cabalito" thrust some power blows, mostly blown left and forehand uppers, but could not repeat more frequently and clearly.

It seemed that the height affected Velázquez in the intermediate rounds, as he slowed down and showed tiredness, but was administered correctly and closed with pace, speed and power. Even in the tenth round, he put in bad condition a Gallardo who "rifrated" in search of the blow that could give him victory.

At the end of the contest, Joselito Velázquez kept the undefeated in his record, when the three judges gave him the 98-92 card victory.


Brandon Pérez imposed his boxing, rhythm, precision and consistency, to overcome Rubén Orozco through a well-deserved unanimous decision, in a fight of great action.

Pérez outperformed his opponent with boxing in the distance, connected combinations of up to five strokes and overtulled the sporadic attack attempts of Orozco, who gave kickback warnings but could not complete.

The three judges gave him the 6 rounds (60-54) to which this super-heavyweight contest was scheduled, and Perez improved his record to 6-1-1, 2 ko's, while Orozco suffered just his second loss in professional boxing, to be 8-2-2, 3 ko's.

Tlaxcalteca Pedro Iván Bernal sent Carlos Eduardo Reyes to the canvas in the second round, and made the points necessary to finally win by unanimous decision in an entertaining six-round super featherweight bout.

Reyes, originally from Neza, answered and closed his eye to his opponent, but was unable to regain the early disadvantage, and fell with cards of 57-56 of two judges, and another of 59-54.

With his victory, Pedro Iván Bernal set his record at 11-1-2, 3 ko's, while Reyes fell to 8-4-0, 5 ko's.

In 6 rounds in Flyweight, Carlos Mejía achieved the fifth win in his professional career, beating José Yael Marquez by unanimous decision.

Tlalnepantla's native imposed his boxing and accuracy on his coup, to triumph with cards of 58-56, of the three judges, and improved his record by 5-1-0, 1 ko, meanwhile Marquez, left his mark at 4-3-0, 3 ko's.

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