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Omar "Pollo" Aguilar In Action Saturday Night

Omar "Pollo" Aguilar is one of the strongest prospects in Mexican boxing. It has an impressive mark of 17-0-0, 16 Ko's. His first eight fights he won them all by knockout in the first round. But his ninth fight was a very different experience. El "Pollo" didn’t score the first round KO but he visited the canvas in the second and was hurt, he came close to losing. His preparation and youth allowed him to finish that assault, and continue in the contest. The "Pollo" Aguilar will face Mexico City’s José Guillermo García (12-7-1, 7 Ko's), in which it is expected to be a duel of power to power. Scheduled for ten rounds.

From the third round of that contest, played in Tijuana two years ago (September 1, 2018), the shares were alternately held. Until in the fifth round, the réferi stopped the contest when his rival was being punished and neither defended nor counterattacked.

His opponent's corner claimed that the fight had been stopped in a hasty manner, and called for a rematch.

And this will come, next Saturday, in the stellar turn of the live boxing program "Back with Punch" that Zanfer will present at the Aztec TV studios in Mexico City following all the prevention and health protocols of the authorities of the health sector of the Mexican capital, and the World Boxing Council.

Garcia has already "tried" Aguilar's punches, and he can take them. Now, fighting in Mexico City, he will have the advantage of acclimatization at the height, as the "Chicken" only in his most recent performance, on June 27, has performed in the Mexican capital, and fought less than a round.

José Guillermo García, even, already fought in Canada and took away Dwayne Durel's undefeated, had a controversial tie against the undefeated Julio Luna in Tlalpan, went to the decision to another undefeated man in Canada, Mazlum Akdeniz, even, in June last year, offered a tough battle to the Argentine Marcelino Nicolás López, who climbed into the ring with a mark of 34-2-1 , as champion of South America and defined after six intense rounds.

With this international blank, the adaptation to the height and that desire to collect a rematch in which he had his rival on the canvas two years ago, José Guillermo García will be an opponent of great difficulty for the "Pollo" Aguilar, who however, is designed to face the best in the world in the short term.

Backing this feud between "Pollo" Aguilar and "Acero" García, Daniel Argueta (13-2-0, 6 Ko's) to face Joaquín "Sonrisas" Cruz (12-1-2, 2 Ko's) to 8 rounds in Supermosca.

The brother of “El Pollo” “Pollito” Rubén Aguilar (9-0-0, 7 Ko's) will have a challenge to 6 rounds in Superligero, before the morelense Alberto "Alacrán" Ruiz (9-2-0, 7 Ko's) and to open the show, the undefeated Tijuan José Bernardino Lozano (5-0-0, 5 Ko's) will put at risk his perfect record, against the Mexiquense Elian Trejo (2-1-0, 1 Ko's) scheduled for six rounds in Welter.

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