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Angel Fierro and Brayan Zamarripa Final Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn: I believe that this is one of our strongest cards so far in Mexico, of course, headlined by the local hero, Angel Fierro in a big fight as he gears up for a shot at the World Lightweight title. There are so many big fights on the card with an interim World title fight for Skye Nicolson, a return to the ring for Erika Cruz and some great young fighters on the card.

Angel Fierro (21-1-2 7 KOs) defends his WBO NABO Lightweight title against Brayan Zamarripa over ten rounds:

“It’s a very important fight that I have coming up, it’s almost like he’s the shark that’s coming for me. But I am not intimidated by this challenge that’s in front of me and I am looking forward to the fight.

“I know going into this fight that he is going to come in and do his best to beat me, I respect him as a fighter, he’s coming for war and when you get two Mexicans going into the ring, you are guaranteed a war; but if I want to be World champion, I need to take this step and beat my opponent to show I am ready for my World title shot.

“It’s great to be fighting at home for so long not being here and it’s an extra motivation that it’s on Mexican Independence weekend.”

Brayan Zamarripa (13-1 4 KOs) challenges Angel Fierro for the WBO NABO Lightweight title over ten rounds:

“It’s a great fight for me, it’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for the opportunity, we’re ready to bring a war to Tijuana for Friday night, I am ready for this, and I will demonstrate what I am capable of.

“I’m sure he’s going to bring some good stuff to the table but i am ready for it. I’ve been training all my life for a moment like this, I can’t believe I’m here, so I am just getting in that ring on Friday night and give my best and put on a great show for Tijuana and the world.

“Victory on Friday night, wow, it’s going to mean a lot to me as I have been looking for an opportunity like this all my life, it’s going to be great, and I am ready for this. I’m going to take the moment.”

Erika Cruz (15-2 3 KOs) faces Melissa Oddessa Parker for the WBA Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight title over ten rounds:

“It’s great to be able to fight on such an important date as September 15. I’m going to give the fans a Mexican battle. I am happy with the performance I put in against Amanda Serrano, and I would love a rematch in the future, but we must take it step by step.

"In terms of the weight, fighting at this weight is no problem as I started my career at this weight and moved to Featherweight for various opportunities. Thank you to Melissa for coming to Mexico, what I promise from my side is a war and I will give 100 per cent.”

Melissa Oddessa Parker (6-1 2 KOs) faces Erika Cruz for the WBA Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight title over ten rounds:

“Thank you to Matchroom for having me, it’s such an honor to be on this card and showcase my talents against someone who is such a good fighter as Erika. I feel well prepared to put on a great fight because I know whenever she enters the ring, she’s coming to fight.

“When you start out in the pros, your amateur background doesn’t matter anymore, now I am starting from the beginning and once you get your opportunity you are excited because now the hard work you put in. I believe I belong at this level and this fight will show why I should be fighting with Matchroom and fighting for belts.”

Kevin Barron Crespo (12-0 9 KOs) faces Christian Olivi Barreda over ten rounds at Featherweight:

“I’m looking forward to a great fight on Friday night. I’ve prepared well for this and will be giving my all for the victory.

“People can expect a great fight because you will get the best of me. I’m anxious to get in the ring, I’ll give everything in there and I’m delighted and grateful for the opportunity.”

Christian Olivi Barreda (20-1-1 7 KOs) faces Kevin Barron Crespo over ten rounds at Featherweight:

“It’s great to be on this card with all these great fighters. I’m very well prepared and happy, ready for the challenge, I’m calm and relaxed to go into this fight on such an important weekend with Mexican Independence Day, you are going to see a Mexican war in there.”

Sabrina Maribel Perez (18-1-1 2 KOs) defends her interim World Featherweight title against Skye Nicolson over ten rounds:

“It’s a great opportunity for me on Friday night. It’s a dream for me to be here, I’ve been in this wonderful sport for 20 years and I will be giving everything on the night to continue. We’ve been working really hard and you will see a battle on Friday.”

Skye Nicolson (7-0) challenges Sabrina Maribel Perez for the interim World Featherweight title over ten rounds:

“I’m really excited, it’s the first time facing a champion, and these are the fights I’ve been asking for, it’s what I want and where you will see the best of me, fighting someone who is coming to win. I’ve put in a good camp and I’m feeling very confident for Friday.

“I have an amazing team around me, camp couldn’t have gone any better, and I’m ready to make a statement win on Friday. We’ve prepared for anything and everything. I’m sure Sabrina will bring the heat, and I’ll be giving it right back.”

Federico Pacheco Jr. (4-0 3 KOs) faces Carlos Cardenas at Heavyweight over four rounds:

“I want to thank you and the team at Matchroom for putting me on another show and letting me showcase my skills again. I’m facing a more experienced and undefeated fighter, so I did not take camp lightly, I’m just very excited for Friday.

Diego has been in camp forever; we’re excited for LA and for my brother to headline in his backyard is a dream come true on November 18. I’m going to show my skills on Friday night and want to hop on that card as well.”

Carlos Cardenas (4-0 3 KOs) faces Federico Pacheco at Heavyweight over four rounds:

“It’s a big opportunity for us, we come in unbeaten with a good record, and are hoping to maintain that. We’re up against a tough rival who is also unbeaten, but we’ve done the work and will be giving it everything in the ring.”


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