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Bohachuk Davila Press Conference

Serhii Bohachuck, the undefeated Ukrainian, is so confident of his victory that he did not hesitate to predict that his perfect record will remain intact, following his presentation on Mexican territory. His rival Alejandro Dávila, is convinced that with his preparation, talent and heart of Mexican warrior, he will achieve victory and put his career in the close-ups of world boxing.

"Skinny" Bohachuck (17-0-0, 17 ko's) and "Bird" Dávila (21-1-2, 8 ko's) will face off on Friday at 10 rounds by Superwelter weight, leading an attractive performance that Max Boxing and 360 Promotions will present at the Sipse Group facility in Merida, and which will be televised internationally by ESPN Knock Out.

This Wednesday, at a press conference, the star stars were in great spirits, and agreed that they will offer a great fight.

"Happy to be in Mexico that is a country of a lot of box history. I come not only to win, but to make a pleasant impression, because my goal is to contest a world championship next year," the Ukrainian said.

Dávila, for his part, appreciated the opportunity to lead this role, and established that he will leave everything in the ring to achieve the most important victory of his career.

"We did a great preparation, we came ready for 10 rounds of a lot of action, and we're going to make the win stay in Mexico, and my opponent lose his undefeated here. Bohachuck is very strong, his record says it all, but we're going to leave everything about the ring in this war," the "Bird" said.

The undercard will include William "Terrible" Puch (16-1-0, 8 ko's) against Rik "Habanerito" López (14.5.1, 10 ko's) to 10 rounds in Minimoca, in addition to the clash between the solid Sonorense prospect, Daniel "Caballo" Lugo (21-1-0, 16 ko's) which will be measured at 8 rounds in Pluma against the undefeated Jalisciense Miguel Mateos Moreno (11-0-0, 7 ko's).

Max Boxin President Mario Abraham assured that this billboard will be of high impact worldwide, because of the quality of its participants and how contested the contests will be.

"It will be a great event for Mexico, and for M'ari in particular, because it will project the career of many prospects who have been pushing very hard," Abraham said.

These leaflets are Zaid "Colorado" Rejon, Néstor López Jr, Russell Acosta and Francisco Araujo, who will climb the ring in the preliminary part of the billboard.


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