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  • Photo - Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Manny Pacquiao Media Day

Eight-division world champion and Philippine Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao held a media workout that streamed live on the Premier Boxing Champions YouTube channel Wednesday, as he prepares to take on unified WBC and IBF Welterweight World Champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. headlining a FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View Saturday, August 21 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Here is what Pacquiao, Freddie Roach and Buboy Fernandez had to say Wednesday:


“I’m expecting a good fight. Spence is an aggressive fighter and I know that we can create a lot of action in the ring for all of the fans watching. I have lots of advantages in this fight. My speed and power, along with my strategy and experience, are all advantages for me.

“I never imagined being at this point now, when I started my career. Especially to be here now and still fighting the best. It’s truly a gift that I’ve received.

“It’s been two years since I’ve been in the ring and it was good for me to have that rest. It helped my body and my mind a lot. This time around, I’m as excited as ever and feeling like I’m young again.

“I could have fought several easy opponents. I picked the best opponent because I want to add more to my legacy and accomplishments. I have to prove that I’m not done yet.

“We have a strategy that we know how to use against a southpaw. He wants to fight toe-to-toe and that’s going to be to my advantage. We’re prepared for anything. If he wants to use his reach advantage instead, we are ready.

“My family is so supportive of me, because they know that I want to fight and bring honor to my country. At the same time, I’m also here to show for myself that I can still do it at 42-years-old.

“This could be my last fight, or there could be more. Like I’ve always said, it’s one at a time. After the fight, I’ll talk about the plan and see if there’s another fight coming.

“I’m happy to have been doing this for so long with the same coaching staff. I know that they’re happy with my preparations for this fight. The fire in training is still there. It’s the same as it’s been these last 15 years.

“I know my career will not last forever, that’s why I’m starting to help the young fighters in this sport who want to follow in my footsteps. It’s very important to me at this point in my career.”


“We took this fight because we think that Errol Spence Jr. is one of the best fighters out there. I’ve talked with Manny throughout the years and he’s always said that he wants to be the best at what he does. There’s no sense in getting in there with some popular fighter who’s no good. We want to fight the best. I congratulated Many when he chose to fight Errol.

“Being out of the ring for a little while can go either way with someone like Manny. The thing is, he’s working out all the time. He shows me everything that he’s up to when he’s in the Philippines and I just give him little adjustments. When he shows up here, he’s ready to go.

“He had probably his best sparring yesterday, we went ten rounds and he got two knockdowns. It was the old Manny Pacquiao from 10 years ago. He’s not as big of a puncher usually at welterweight, but those knockdowns yesterday were a great boost for him.

“Spence is a good boxer, but he’s a very good puncher. We know that when we get inside, we have to be smart getting back outside. It has to be quick combinations and then out right away.

“I told Manny that knocking down Keith Thurman early gave him a lot of momentum in that fight and I’d like to see that again in this fight. He knows that he has to use his speed to do that. He understands completely what I want.

“Manny Pacquiao has always loved to fight southpaws. He understands how they work and what they want to do. That’s really one of the big reasons we took this fight.

“I think Manny is going to out box Spence. His footspeed is unbelievable and much better than his opponent’s. Spence follows you around and is heavy on his feet. He seems very set to the ground. Manny’s speed will overwhelm him. I’m really happy with the game plan so far.”


“I was very excited when I heard about this fight because Errol Spence Jr. is a great fighter. I was only surprised because Manny hasn’t fought in two years. But I knew right away that this is going to be an exciting fight.

“Obviously there is a different Manny because of his age, but his mind is always on the sport. Before we arrived in the United States, we had already been sparring and training in the Philippines.

“The team has been very happy with Manny’s performance in camp. The conditioning is going perfectly and we just need to continue. This is going to be 100% Manny Pacquiao on August 21.

“I can’t decide if this is going to be Manny’s last fight. Only he can decide if he wants to continue his legacy or not. If it were up to me, I’d want him to fight one more time in the Philippines for his people. It’s all up to Manny though.

“I have respect for Errol Spence Jr. He’s a good fighter and a world champion. We know we can’t underestimate him. He’s an intelligent fighter, so we know Manny has to be 100%. I think this is going to end up being a great toe-to-toe fight.”


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