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Miguel Berchelt: I'll let my fist do the talking

WBC super featherweight champion Miguel Berchelt, (37-1-0, 33 ko’s) and his trainer Alfredo Caballero, held a press conference Thursday afternoon in Hermosillo, Mexico ahead of his showdown against two-time Mexican Olympian and former world champion Oscar Valdez (28-0-0, 22 ko's) as they will square off next Saturday night at the “Bubble” at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Here is what Berchelt had to say

"I feel very happy and anxious. It's the most important fight I've had in my career because Oscar Valdez's name. He is well known and I have known him since before he was a professional and since before he was world champion. It's a big challenge that I have in front of me, but in the face of the big challenges I always get big and bring out the best, and this is not going to be the exception," he said.

El "Alacrán" stated that the fight against Valdez goes beyond sporting merit.

"I have trained very hard, both in Los Mochis and In Hermosillo. We go with everything, we are motivated to face Oscar and Eddy Reynoso, one of the best teams there are today. It is a fight in which beyond the belt, pride will be in the middle and the big winner will be the public because you will see a great fight. Hardened fights, fights that go from generation to generation. I hope that in the future, say I want to see Berchelt's fight against Valdez, just as I saw those of Barrera Marquez or Barrera Morales," he said.

The world champion noted that he ignores getting into the ring as a favorite.

"I don't feel favorite. I was crowned without being favorite to Francisco Vargas, and you get annoyed that they say you're an easy rival, and you go out and prove it, and Oscar is a great boxer and he's got a really good corner. As Tyson said, everyone has a plan until they feel the first blow. They think they can grab me on the backlash, that with the speed and experience of Oscar I can be surprised and knocked out, but I'm glad they think that, I'm going to let my fists and my preparation speak in the ring," he said.

Berchelt was considered a hybrid fighter, as he can box as he did with Takashi Miura, or he can go to the front.

"You have to remember that Oscar and I are Mexicans, we have Aztec blood, you feel the blows and you go out to beat yourself like a good Mexican. We know of Oscar's quality, he's a warrior, a proven fighter, who can fight seven rounds with a fractured jaw, that he can get up from the canvas to win a tight fight, and we've prepared everything, the short, the average, the long distance, the kickback, until you get the fight dirty because you can find everything. It's a duel of great chess players, and let's see how these masters move their pieces to win the game, how they send their roosters to move their knives, and we'll see who cuts first"

"We respect the opponent very much, and we respect the opponent's corner very much. I'm so glad to be as Eddy Reynoso's rival on the corner. We've been nominated for best coach and he's beaten me. Thanks to Berchelt and his discipline, I know we're going to go out. I'm a friend of Oscar Valdez's, and I can't lose to him for many reasons I have in my mind. By beating Berchelt to Valdez, and I to Reynoso, we're going to put ourselves at the top," he said.

"I also have a great champion, I plan to go very far with him, to get the big bags that Canelo Alvarez has, this is the first step and we are making our way. I trust Miguel Berchelt, we're going to be in that top of big fights, I have my goals and my dreams, and we're doing fine," Caballero said.

The coach expects to see an opponent, with the most preparation and performance.

"Valdez liked me better with Manny Robles. Each boxer has his style, and I adapt to what they bring, in my case, Berchelt has his style, Gallo Estrada has his style, Yamileth has his style, but we give them a touch of the Team Knights, which can be the hook to the liver and the constant blow to the body. With Eddy Reynoso I see that he wants to put a lot of the style of the kickback, like the Canelo, and not all boxers can fight the counterpus. A fighter doesn't do a style overnight. With Berchelt we had a six-year process, if you see fight to fight, we start with the hooks, then the uppers, then the combinations, and what you see now is a very complete fighter. I hope Reynoso has adapted to Valdez, because if they don't, they're going to suffer the consequences," he said.


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