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Miguel Cotto Promotion Unites With Pro Box TV: Will Promote 15 Events in Puerto Rico

Photo - ProBox TV

ProBox TV and Cotto Promotions announced today that Miguel Cotto has become a partner with ProBox TV founders Roy Jones, Jr, Juan Manuel Marquez, Antonio Tarver and Paul Malignaggi. From August 19 thru 2023, Cotto Promotions will promote 15 events in Puerto Rico.

The first Cotto Promotions event will take place on August 19 at Coliseo Roberto Clemente, two more in 2022 (October 16 and December 9) then monthly events in 2023. The fights will consist mostly of prospects under the Cotto Promotions umbrella, where seating will be initially set for approximately 2500 (lower bowl). Former World Champion Ivan Calderon will be on the Broadcast team.

ProBox TV stream is available at or ProBox TV on the App Store HERE. All live boxing and all content are accessible for the nominal fee of $1.99 per month!

Former world champions and boxing superstars Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez were on location at the Coliseo de Roberto Clemente to make the announcement.


“We had been in talks with ProBox for a couple of months. They are people that know boxing and without hesitation we decided to become a part of this new platform. They know what they’re doing and have a very solid platform for boxing and we’re expecting a great collaboration. It gives us the platform to be able to do boxing as well as serving as a workshop to be able to do right by the boxers that are signed to the promotion. We will also begin to recruit boxers and make alliance with them as we start to work together.

“This is not only going to be a platform based in Puerto Rico but will also have the opportunity to bring it into Mexico with Juan Manuel Marquez and workshops there to develop boxers. We plan to bring fighters from other Latin countries, such as the Dominican to Puerto Rico to join our company.

“I am very excited about project and eagerly awaiting the start and hoping that the fans join in on the excitement as well.“

On being together with Juan Manuel Marquez: ‘It’s great every time we see each other and we enjoy the company. Juan Manuel has his life in Orlando where he lives and I have my life over here in Puerto Rico but every time that we have come together it has been great as we share the common ground of Boxing.”


“We are here to show our support for not just one event but many events we’re going be having here in Puerto Rico and to be working with great colleagues such as Paulie Malignaggi , Antonio Tarver and Roy Jones Jr. And especially now with Miguel Cotto and Cotto Promotions. That we have come together to support the sport of boxing and the fighters who are the ones that leave everything in the ring.

We are here in Puerto Rico to support boxing. We will be counseling the up-and-coming youth and we’re going work hard for the true lovers of the sport, which I believe there is a lot of here in Puerto Rico. I am amazed how in Puerto Rico and in Mexico love the sport of boxing. In Mexico we know that soccer is the preferred sport but now I believe that boxing he’s taking over.

ProBox TV is going to go out there and support all the fighters and support Boxing and above all we’re going to bring quality boxing to all the fans. In this case, in Puerto Rico, for 19 August we are going to work with Miguel Cotto and I am just filled with happiness, and eager to be present and do these great works for the sport of Boxing.”


ProBox TV originated to be a boxing-only streaming service and is put together by the fighters for the fans. In collaboration with the founders, we are putting together evenly matched, fan-friendly action fights. The supporting content we provide is to develop fan engagement.

ProBox TV knows the fans needed an all-boxing channel dedicated to the sport of boxing that is distributed worldwide in multiple languages. ProBox TV is starting at the prospect/contender level events and plan to grow into championship events as the fan base and the company grows. ProBox TV is founded by great fighters who are also great commentators. These guys are well suited to deliver a level of boxing content the fans deserve and will appreciate.”

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The 2022 remaining live boxing on ProBox TV: August 5, August 19, September 9, September 23, October 7, October 26, November 4, November 18, December 2, December 9. There is also weekly original content produced by the founders including, podcasts, talk shows and in the gym content, plus monthly documentaries and behind the scenes content.

In 2023 there will be one live boxing event per month from USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico – that’s three live boxing events per month for those keeping score at home.


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