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Nate Diaz Jorge Masvidal Final Press Conference Quotes

Combat sports superstars and rivals Nate Diaz and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal continued the pre-fight build up at Wednesday’s final press conference before they meet in a pro boxing showdown this Saturday, July 6 headlining a Fanmio PPV from Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The event also featured fighters competing on the stacked undercard including two-time world champion Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs and exciting contender Shane Mosley Jr., who meet in the 10-round super middleweight co-main event, all action brawler Chris Avila and MMA legend Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, who duel in a six-round light heavyweight fight, sensational prospect Curmel Moton, who faces Nikolai Buzolin in a six-round lightweight attraction, unbeaten prospects Amado “AFV” Vargas and Sean Garcia, who face off in an eight-round lightweight attraction and lightweight contenders Devin Cushing and Manuel Correa, who compete in an eight round battle.

Tickets for the live event are on sale starting at only $25 with lower level tickets starting at just $75 (all plus applicable fees and taxes) and are available through Ticketmaster.

The pay-per-view is available now for pre-order at and The pay-per-view is available at the SRP (suggested retail price) of $49.99, across all available purchasing platforms. Fans can also purchase through the Fanmio App, which is available globally via smart televisions and mobile devices via Apple iOS and tvOS devices, Android Mobile, AndroidTV, Roku, FireTV, Vizio Smart TV, Google TV and Chromecast. Fans who order the event through Fanmio will be able to order a free official fight shirt along with the purchase.

Here is what the fighters had to say Wednesday:


“There’s nothing heated for me. I’m here to do my job and get the job done. I trained hard and we’re here to win.

“I came here to win. By any means necessary. That’s what it’s all about.

“I just feel like over time, I’m getting sharper. I’m always working and improving. I’m going to do what I always do. I’m here for the fun and I’m here for the business. I’m here to get the job done.”


“My emotions won’t matter on Saturday. What matters is the training camp I’ve had for the last six months. Nothing that happened before matters to me at all. I’m just coming to knock him out.

“I never worry about my opponents. I focus on myself and training and what I have to do in the ring. I’m ready to get this going.

“Only thing I’ve ever brought to combat sports is violence and a little technique. That’s how I get my hand raised.

“I take every fight with the same amount of caution and respect. Whoever I’m fighting also has two hands. On a personal level, yeah I don’t like the dude for what happened at the last press conference. On July 6 he’s getting it. After that, training camp went from a boxing setting to a kill setting. That’s all I want to do.”


“This is about legacy. I’ve never ducked anyone, and this is a prime example of that. He’s a great fighter, but I’m looking forward to showing just how great I am. I can’t wait to put it all together.

“I’m excited to be back. I’m soaking it all in. I’m a fan of this sport so seeing those fans yesterday who were excited to see us perform gives me motivation.

“I’m expecting a tricky style from Shane. He’s a fast fighter and an elusive guy. He fights very similar to his father. It’s a bit of a chess match until I figure it out.

“I do know that he is training 100 percent, so I’m ready for the best Shane Mosley Jr. yet. Sometimes people say things to get inside your head, sometimes people say things to deter you. As a true professional, I know I have a game plan come Saturday night.

“We’re not overlooking this fight, because it’s a good fight for me. Going against a young, up- and-coming champion. He’s had a long winning streak and looked very impressive. My ultimate goal is to beat a world champion.”


“Jacobs is up against a veteran. I don’t have his accolades yet, but I have my own accomplishments and the experience that comes with them. I appreciated this challenge. You can only get better by going up against adversity. When they said the name Daniel Jacobs, I said yes right away.

“My dad told me that this is my moment, get these opportunities and take advantage of them. I’m just going to be me. I’m going to take advantage of the opportunities and win.

“When you love what you do, you want to keep getting better and prove yourself. That’s what I’ve been doing. My whole team supports what I do and they help me love this sport. That’s why I keep going.

“We gotta see it how it is. You can have all types of plans that you want, but you have to see the situation to tell. I can tell you I’m going to do all this and all that, but come fight night we have to take it how it is and take it one step at a time.

“This a step in the right direction. I’m trying to be a legend. I believe I am in the title contender category.”


“I’m sure this is gonna be a tough matchup, but I prepared properly. I’m gonna out-box him and get my hand raised.

“I’m ready for Saturday. It’s been a long camp and a big buildup too. I’m ready to get in the ring. I’ve been boxing since I was a teenager. I also trained everything else and I had a MMA career as well. Now we’re boxing. I take my career very seriously and I take my training seriously.

“This is a good opportunity and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of it. I’m gonna win this fight and keep going.

“I know I’m going to get the job done and keep my streak going. This guy has a lot of credentials, he’s good. This is a buildup to get to the top guys. Come Saturday, I’m going to show my boxing skills and whoop some ass, then move on to the next.”


“I’m having so much fun in boxing right now. I know what I’m capable of and what I can do out there.

“I know what to expect. We’re here to put on a show on Saturday night and that’s all I’m focused on.

“I fought Roy Jones Jr. in my first fight and he was bigger than me. This guy is more my size so I’m going to knock this guy out.

“We about to whoop this guy’s ass. Saturday night, make sure everyone is tuned in.”


“I’m really happy to be here. Come Saturday night I’m gonna put on a great show. I’m really excited to perform in front of all the fans.

“Me going eight rounds in my last fight let me show the fans my skillset. But we don’t get paid for overtime. Everyone should expect me to end this one early.

“This is another step for me and another chance for me to show my skillset and keep getting my name out there. I’m going to show out and take everything I worked on in the gym into the ring.

I’ve studied Floyd my whole life, so there’s definitely parts of his game in my skillset. The more I fight, the more people will see.”


“I’ve been ready for this fight. I want to thank Sean for taking the opportunity. We both have a job to do and that’s what is gonna happen on Saturday night.

“This is gonna be a great show and I can’t wait to perform. I’m extremely ready to put on a great performance that’s gonna grab everyone’s attention.

“All the training is gonna be worth it. The talking is all fun, but Saturday we get to the real thing. Make sure you get your tickets.

“We’re gonna test his conditioning. I’m in great shape. I think he’ll start well, because he’s a good fighter. But I’m gonna show how great I am. He’s gonna fade in the later rounds.

“This fight is only going to make me look better. It’s going to help give me credit as a boxer that I am. This is a legacy fight. His brother has his legacy, my dad has his own legacy. We’re going to create our own names through this fight so I’m excited.


“I’m ready to show out. On Saturday night, I’m ready to get down to business. I’m here to end the Vargas dynasty. I’m here to fight and I’m here to knock him out.

“The energy is up now this close to the fight. Both of us and our teams are pumped up. I’m saying that real. We have eight rounds to settle this.

“I just want to show the world that I’m better than him. That’s why I took the fight. He is showing a lot of respect to me, but come Saturday he’s not going to show me any respect and I’m not either.

“I just keep training, keep focused and I have a good friend group. I have a good family back at home who I do it for. When the tank goes down, I just keep pushing, I kept running and now we’re here.”


“He’s a good opponent and it’s a good step up for me. It’s going to be a good opponent on my resume.

“He’s got a grown man in front of him this time, not a 17-year-old. I get revenge for all my losses and Saturday night I’m spinning the block around. He was hand-picked for this.

“The way he looks at me I just don’t like. I’m gonna knock that look right off his face on Saturday night.

“It’s been a long camp, but it’s been a good camp. I’m in tremendous shape. I’m ready to go Saturday night.”


“This is the biggest opportunity of my career and he’s still mad that I beat him in the amateurs. He’s got cushion hands. We’ll settle this on Saturday.

“He’s gonna do a lot of running and trying to jab to my hands. He’s got no power. I’m gonna come forward, put the pressure and make him fold in round four.

“I feel great, I’m ready and I’m prepared. It’s time to show what we have been working on. My opponent has to be a good fighter if he got to 13-0. I beat him in the amateurs and in the Golden Gloves, so we’re going to do it again.

“It’s been my best camp yet. Tune in on July 6, it’s going to be fireworks. I know 4th of July is two days before but come Saturday you’re going to get more fireworks.”


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