• Photo by Zanfer Promotions

Pollo Aguilar Scores KO

Omar "Pollo" Aguilar was all power, aggression and precision, to knock out in the third round a brave Guillermo "Gato" García,.

Aguilar (18-0-0, 17 ko's) attacked his opponent from the very first moments of the contest, hit power with both hands and maintained control of the fight. The "Cat" Garcia (12-8-1, 5 ko's) assimilated the punishment and intended to counterattack.

In the second round, with a powerful combination of left and right, down and up, Aguilar shot down Garcia, who rose with difficulty and dragged his legs, but saved the bell.

However, it was only a matter of time, and Aguilar continued his strategy of attacking at long range, and was effective. A combination of left and right to the face, they left the "Cat" Aguilar standing, without guard, at the mercy of the "Chicken", and the réferi César Castañón, aptly, stopped the contest at 1:22 minutes of the third round.

Pollito Wins

Pollo's younger brother,super lightweight Rubén "Pollito" Aguilar taught power and precision, to knock out at 2:12 minutes of the first round to the brunette Alberto "Alacrán" Ruiz, who sought to box in the distance, but when he was hit by a long left-hander, went to the canvas and could not recover.

Aguilar retained his undefeated 10-0-0, 8 ko's, while Ruiz suffered his third professional defeat to stay at 9-3-0, 7 ko's.

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