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Tim Tszyu vs. Tony Harrison Final Press Conference

Undefeated Australian superstar Tim Tszyu and former world champion Tony “Superbad” Harrison met face-to-face in front of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and famed Sydney Opera House on Friday, putting their differences aside to shake hands and wish each other good luck at the final press conference ahead of their showdown for the vacant Interim WBO 154-pound title live on SHOWTIME Saturday March 11 at 10:45 p.m. ET/7:45 p.m. PT.

While Harrison strolled onto the dais shirtless and looking supremely confident, Tszyu took his time at Bennelong Lawn and Royal Botanic Gardens before exiting a Dodge Ram Viper V10 in a dazzling blue suit.

“I like Tim,” Harrison said on stage. “I don’t think he knows how corny he is, but I like him. That’s cool the way he rolled up. That’s him. I like it. I’m just different.”

“I’m not into all this diva stuff, rolling up in a car,” Tszyu admitted. “I just roll with the punches. All this other stuff, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Here is more of what the fighters had to say:


“I see him, and he looks dry, but he looks ready. I don’t really like Tony right now. I’m ready to fight right now. There’s no kisses and hugs happening. I’m coming to fight. There’s a dog in me right now.

“Tony’s a funny guy. He’s a good talker and he’s a banter-type guy and he’s got a little comedian in him. Everyone’s different the way we do things personality wise. So let him be him.

“I’m coming here in a dog fight. This is the opponent I need to show what I can do. This is a different Tim you will see. I feel in a different mode. I just feel different. I had 350 rounds of sparring, and that’s a lot of rounds and I tapered at the right time. I just feel in tremendous shape. As the rounds go up, the more energy I get.

“I’m not judging Tony from his past, I’m judging Tony for his preparation for this fight. Because what he was before is not what he is now. He could be much better, or he could be much worse. He could be full-steam rounds 9 through 12, or he could be hitting rock bottom. Who knows?”


“I feel amazing. In past fights I’d weigh 162, 63. But I’m right there. Not only physically but mentally I feel amazing. I hear Tim speak about how skinny I am and how frail I look, but I came up here without a shirt on so you could visualize what you’re about to touch. I want you to see it, believe it. Visualize it, son. I came here to show exactly what you’re going to see. I’m not here to catfish you. I want you to go to sleep and dream about me and see what you’re about to get.

“Fighting for me is fun. I’ve been fighting every single day of my life. I don’t think he’s had to endure half the stuff that I have. This fight, this press conference is fun for me. Like I said, I feel great.

“He got out of that car like a diva. You had someone open the door for you. I’m not talking about the type of suit you got on, I’m talking about how you got out of that car like a diva. Like, come on, man. He’s just different. I’m not knocking him. What floats his boat floats his, what floats mine floats mine, but Sunday we’re gonna be in the same boat and let’s see who makes it off.

“I already have visualized how this fight is coming. I think I know how this fight is going to play out, and I think the whole world knows how this fight plays out. For me, expect the unexpected. I know he expects me to do one thing, but expect the unexpected. I know we’re both going into war and it’s going to be a great fight.”

GEORGE ROSE, No Limit Boxing CEO

“We have here two of the best 154-pound fighters in the world outside of the undisputed champion. They are without a doubt the two best fighters in the division. A lot of people think Tim is crazy for taking such a fight before the undisputed, but that’s Tim Tszyu and he wants big fights. Tony Harrison is an absolute freak of a fighter. He’s at the top for a reason. He’s up here because he’s that good. This is a chance for Tim Tszyu to show the world what he’s got.

“We could be waiting for Jermell Charlo, but I’d be bored. Everyone here would be bored. We like putting on good fights and that’s what we are going to do until we can get into the ring with Jermell Charlo. We will keep putting on big fights for Tim Tszyu and for Australia.”


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