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William Zepeda Stops Mercito Gesta in Six

Mexico’s William “El Camaron” Zepeda was victorious as he carried on the Mexican Boxing tradition in headlining on Mexican Independence Day. The undefeated Mexican lightweight annihilated the veteran Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta of the Philippines Saturday night at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California in headlining on DAZN.

It was all Zepeda (29-0, 25 KOs) as he took the initiative and pressed displaying offense early on letting his hands go and connecting. The veteran Gesta (34-4-3, 17 KOs) had a moment in the closing seconds of the round as he connected with a solid counter right. Working on the inside in round two, Zepeda and Gesta traded away, the Mexican got the better of the exchange to close the round, Gesta suffered a cut above his right eye. Coming out attacking in round three, Zepeda had Gesta backing away and connected precisely inside as he appeared to be breaking down the Filipino. Zepeda had Gesta pinned up against the ropes in the fourth as referee Jack Reiss appeared to be keeping a close eye, as the Filipino’s cut began to bleed more, Zepeda continued his attack.

Zepeda continued his attack in the fifth as Gesta was gassed and limited with his punches. An overwhelming and unanswered attack by Zepeda forced referee Jack Reiss to step in and stop the fight at 1:31 of the sixth.

With the win Zepeda now stands waiting for his shot at being one of the top lightweights. After the fight he went on to call out Devin Haney.[

Victor Morales Wins Tough Battle vs. Edwin Palomares

What better way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day as Pacific Northwest featherweight, Victor Morales of Vancouver, Washington, and Mexico City’s Edwin “Pupo” Palomares went to battle in the DAZN co-feature bout.

Ripping away with a combination to start, Morales (19-0-1, 9 KOs) connected as Palomares (18-5-2, 9 KOs) pressed. The Mexico City fighter came out aggressive in round two as Morales boxed, kept his distance connecting with one-two combinations as Palomares kept coming. In the third, Palomares closed some distance and kept Morales close, landing with straight rights and backing the Northwest fighter. Morales could not keep Palomares away in the fourth, despite connecting with solid punches up top, Palomares kept coming and worked as Morales retreated to close the round. Circling the ring in the fifth, Morales boxed ripped with combinations as Palomares kept coming and bringing the pressure.

The non-stop pressure from Palomares wasn’t making it easy for Morales as it continued in the sixth, Morales suffered a nasty cut on his left eye from a punch as Palomares was on the hunt. Before beginning the seventh, the ringside physician looked at Morales momentarily as the fight resumed. Palomares did not stop coming, targeting the cut as Morales kept his distance letting his hands go but the Mexican was relentless. Staying busy and keeping his distance, Morales avoided Palomares’s attack and fended off with the jab. With the final two rounds possibly determining the winner, it was Palomares that kept pressure as Morales let his hands go and stood busy in the ninth. Sensing the urgency to determine the winner, the final round it was Palomares applying the pressure as Morales kept the distance and boxed, the Mexico City fighter was making it a street fight doing anything he can to pull away, but Morales connected with big punches. What a finish it was as Palomares and Morales battled to the final bell.

In the end the judges scored the bout a shocking 100-90, 99-91, and a reasonable 96-94 as all three scorecards were in favor for Morales.

Yokasta Valle Successfully Defends Title Against Maria Santizo

IBF and WBO Minimumweight World Champion, Costa Rica’s Yokasta Valle retained her titles by winning a unanimous decision over a very tough Maria Santizo of Guatemala.

Santizo (11-3, 6 KOs) connected solidly in the opening seconds of the fight that stumbled the champ. Valle (28-2, 9 KOs) returned the favor in the closing seconds of the round as she tagged Santizo with a hard right. Continuing to go at each other in the second, Valle and Santizo didn’t take a step back fighting at a fast pace. The Costa Rican connected with straight shots in round three as Valle timed Santizo with the jab and one-two coming in. Santizo stood her ground in the fourth as she backed Valle, but the champ kept digging in and outworking her. There was no holding back from the tough Guatemalan in the fifth as Santizo kept staying in Valle’s face, making the champ work.

Halfway through the fight in the sixth round, Valle landed a solid right that stumbled Santizo. That did not stop Santizo from coming as Valle let her hands go in the seventh, timing Santizo perfectly with a solid right. Neither fighter appeared to be fading as the fast pace continued through eight with Santizo swinging and coming at Valle, the champ timed her with straight punches. Late in the fight in the ninth, Valle and Santizo continued to keep it competitive working away as neither showed signs of fading. The tenth and final round, Valle pressed and let her hands go as Santizo fought conservatively, keeping her distance, and stayed away from the champ.

The judges scored the bout 100-90, 99-91, and 99-91 as Yokasta Valle successfully defends her IBF and WBO titles.

Fulghum Disposes Luna in Two

Light heavyweight Darius “DFG” Fulghumof Texas stopped Ricardo “Tyson” Luna of Mexico City in two rounds.

There was a clash of heads early in the opening round as Luna (25-10-2, 16 KOs) was cut and bleeding on top of his head. Fulghum (7-0, 7 KOs) was composed and did not rush things, popping the jab. The blood continued to flow from Luna’s cut onto his face, Fulghum dropped Luna as he was up but was not able to continue as the referee stopped the fight at 1:30 of the second round.e

Eric Priest Officially Debuts for Golden Boy

Opening the DAZN stream, middleweight Eric Priest of Wichita Falls, Texas was victorious as he won a hard-fought majority decision over Simon “Vikingo” Madsen of Denmark. It was an inside battle early on with Priest (11-0, 7 KOs) and Madsen (13-2, 10 KOs) head-to-head in the center for the first three rounds. Continuing inside and at a fast pace in the fourth, Priest and Madsen stood busy.

At the halfway point in the fifth, Priest landed well as Madsen kept pressing. In the sixth, Priest stuck the jab and kept the stalking Madsen away and followed up with shots on the inside. Staying busy in the seventh, Priest outworked Madsen as he began taking the fight. The eighth and final round, Priest pressed and stood busy as Madsen finished strong in closing.

After eight rounds the scores were 80-72, 79-73, and 76-76. Priest was recently signed to Golden Boy Promotions

Other Bouts

Super Featherweight prospect Daniel “Junebug” Garcia (7-0, 5 KO’s) of Denver, Colorado won a six round unanimous decision over Guadalajara, Mexico’s Erick “Aidahoe” Benitez (4-5, 1 KO) in headlining the You Tube stream.

From the opening bell neither shied away from the offense as Garcia and Benitez traded away early on, with Garcia shooting the straight shots as Benitez ripped away. Pressing behind the jab in the fourth and stalking Garcia was on the hunt as Benitez stood in the pocket trading. Garcia was the aggressor late in the fight as he pressed and stood busy, but Benitez did not take a step back and stood his ground mixing it up. Stalking in the sixth and final round, Garcia timed Benitez with straight shots as Benitez stood busy finishing strong.

After completing six rounds, all three judges scored the bout 60-54.

West LA Westside Boxing’s super lightweight Alejandro “Pinpon” Reyes of Mexicali, Mexico and Roberto Gomez of Mexico City went the distance six rounds.

On the offensive to begin, Reyes (11-0, 5 KOs) boxed and fired the jab in the opening round as he outworked Gomez (5-2, 5 KOs) in the early rounds. Keeping his distance and shooting away combinations in round three Reyes tallied up points as Gomez stalked and mixed it up.

Fighting on the inside in round four, Reyes and Gomez didn’t take a step back as they exchanged. The fight continued in a phone booth on the inside in the fifth with Reyes and Gomez staying busy as Reyes suffered a cut on the left eye. Fight was up for grabs heading into the sixth and final round as the cut on Reyes’s eye was stabilized, Gomez pressured and stood busy as Reyes with the cut boxed and kept his distance staying busy.

In the end after six rounds,59-55, 58-56, and 57-57 as Reyes pulls the majority decision.

Mexican Olympian super bantamweight Gael "El Terror" Cabrera of Sonora, Mexico won a unanimous decision over Nicaragua's Juan Centeno.

Coming out aggressive and firing in round one, Cabrera (2-0, 1 KO) relentlessly attacked Centeno (8-9-3, 1 KO) with sharp punches. Keeping up the fast pace, Cabrera let his hands go in the second, scoring with combinations and outworking the Nicaraguan fighter, Centeno. The Olympian Cabrera was in control as he continued to work Centeno through three rounds. It was all Cabrera as he tallied up points in connecting with vicious shots inside and boxing effectively, outhustling Centeno in route to the decision victory.

After completing four rounds, all three judges scored the bout 40-36.

Making his pro debut, lightweight Jordan Cervantes of East Los Angeles put in work in going the distance four rounds and defeating El Paso, Texas's Giovanny Meza in the opening bout.

Cervantes (1-0, 1 KO) was off to slow a slow and patient start as he stuck Meza (0-5) with the jab in the opening round. On the attack in round two, Cervantes connected Meza with a straight right hand and continued to box. Coming out strong in the fourth and final round, Cervantes pressed Meza in route to the decision win.

All three judges scored the bout 40-36.

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